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Our Story

As a former US navy/marine corps field medic and cancer survivor, I can say that the creation of the anchor gym was forged out of necessity and survival. After exiting the military, I became a licensed Physical Therapist and Fitness/Nutrition coach but I had never seen a fitness system that could anchor all of the accessories I used for my patients, my clients or even myself. So I invented one! As a stage 3-cancer survivor I made it my mission to stay strong and to help as many folks get healthy and fit, which is why I made the Anchor Gym so versatile and affordable. Now, I’m proud to say the Anchor Gym can be found in gyms, universities, hospitals, military bases, professional training facilities and homes all across America and the world!

I appreciate you making us a part of your health and fitness journey. I’ve told you my story… now I want to hear yours. Please contact me anytime and I would be happy to help you get started on your fitness goals.

Stay fit my friends,

Shawn Finnegan, Registered Physical Therapist
Core Energy Fitness Systems, LLC

Co-owner of Core Energy Fitness

Maker of the Anchor Gym

Our goal is to provide you with extremely versatile, high quality fitness and rehab equipment.
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