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What is the Anchor Gym?

The Anchor Gym is a wall mounted, modular designed hooking platform developed to give users the ability to utilize all types of resistance bands, suspension straps, stretch straps and Large Loop bands to their full potential.

What makes the Anchor Gym so unique?
The Anchor Gym is unique in many ways:

  • The Anchor Gym delivers four key training protocols: (1) Resistance Band/Tube Training; (2) Suspension Exercises; (3) Stretching with Straps and (4) Large Loop Bands. Hundreds of different exercises and stretches can be performed on a single system;
  • The system is wall-mounted to save space. Furthermore, load-bearing walls in buildings are extremely strong. This provides the foundation to mount components at very high locations (e.g., at seven-feet) for top-down exercises.
  • The system provides six or more hooking angles ranging from ankle height to above the head. This is particularly important when training with resistance bands. The system is designed to provide key hooking angles (low, middle, high) to facilitate numerous exercise options.
  • Multiple users can use the system at the same time.
  • The system works with all resistance bands, suspension straps and stretch straps. For bands or straps that use clip hooks, use the RBS D-ring attachment. This will prevent damage to the coating on the hooks.
  • The system was designed to be extremely strong, i.e., heavy-duty construction. Because it has no moving parts, there is nothing to break.
  • The system is very cost effective.

What make Anchor Gym so effective?
It's all about the hook...The Hammer Head Safety Hook.

With its T-bar barrier tip, the Safety Hook provides a unique platform to:

  • Safely secure bands and straps. The barrier prevents bands and straps from disengaging while in use.
  • The open face design of the Hammer Head Safety Hook is easy-to-use and allows for quick transitions between exercises.
  • The hook can be used to thread bands and straps. Threading is an important feature of the system. It enables users to: decrease the length and tension of a band; or adjust the length of a suspension strap.
  • The hooks can also be used as a pulley mechanism when performing dynamic stretches.

What do I mount the system to?
The Anchor Gym is anchored to load bearing wall studs using lag screws (supplied); and is mounted to concrete or block walls using anchor sleeve bolts (supplied). Refer to the owner's manuals for detailed installation instructions.

What does "modular" design mean?
The Anchor Gym is composed of separate components. When mounted in separate locations, the systems can accommodate multiple users.

The Anchor Gym consists of three components. When mounted in separate locations, the Hammer Head Anchor Gym can accommodate up to 6 users (i.e., two users on each component).

This allows the owner flexibility to mount the system in a vertical stack or in three separate locations based on their needs.

How strong is the Anchor Gym?
The Anchor Gym is made of 100% steel components and were tested at an ASTM approved testing facility. The Safety Hooks are made of 3/8ths-inch steel rod. To provide additional strength, the hook's neck is reinforced with a one-half-inch steel sleeve. The Anchor Gym is rated to over 300 pounds of resistance.

What is "Threading" and how can it help my training?
Threading is a simple yet unique feature the Hammer Head Anchor Gym system provides. Since the hooks are open-faced the user can thread the bands or straps to other hooks reducing the length & adding tension to the bands quickly during exercise. You need more tension on a band? Merely thread the band

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