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3.02 Triceps Press with a Suspension Strap
3.02 Triceps Press with a Suspension Strap


INFO: Core Wellness Program- Do this exercise on Thursdays or roll it over to your next workout day
Code: 3.02
Photo, Video, and Instructions


1) Anchor the end loop of your suspension strap band on the top hook.

2) Face away from the anchor gym.

3) Reach back and grab the handles.

4) Have a shoulder width stance and you may step away from the wall. The more upright you are the less resistance it will be.

5) Start with your arms out away from your body parallel with the floor with palms facing down.

6) Slowly move your body down by bringing your hands back toward your shoulders with your elbows bent.

7) Squeeze the back of your arms (triceps) and press into your hands to move your body back into start position.

8) Repeat steps 6 and 7 for 10-15 repetitions

9) Rest about 30 seconds and perform up to 2 additional sets

Triceps Press with a Suspension Strap

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